Corb Lund - Cover Your Tracks [SIGNED Colored Vinyl]


  • Corb Lund - Cover Your Tracks [SIGNED Colored Vinyl]
  • Corb Lund - Cover Your Tracks [SIGNED Colored Vinyl]

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  • 150g deep blue colored vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP, 45rpm
  • Signed

"When you come from generations of ranchers and rodeo people, you can't help but be influenced by the West," says award-winning roots country singer Corb Lund. Lund embraces his Western heritage through his music, touching on a range of cowboy themes past and present—from rough-and-tumble tales of lawless frontier saloons, to the somber realities of running a modern family ranch.

With his latest EP, Cover Your Tracks, Lund expands on his Western heritage by wearing his more popular and prominent influences on his sleeve. Covering songs from diverse artists such as Lee Hazlewood, Billy Joel, Marty Robbins and AC/DC, Lund expands on not only his favorite songs but on the range, sound and style in which those songs are delivered. Featuring the likes of Ian Tyson and Hayes Carll, Cover Your Tracks is a focused and deliberate collection of classic and unexpected songs, curated by Corb.


Side A - 

  1. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
  2. The Cover of the Rolling Stone (feat. Hayes Carll)
  3. They’re Hanging Me Tonight
  4. Outlaw Man
Side B - 
  1. Ride On (feat. Ian Tyson)
  2. Seven Spanish Angels
  3. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
  4. I Shall Be Released

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