Drive-By Truckers - Dirty South Tour | Live At The 40 Watt [DVD]


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Now for the first time, the Drive-By Truckers release a live DVD. It captures the first two shows that kicked off The Dirty South tour, live from the 40 Watt in Athens, Georgia. The band's live shows have become legendary for both their length and power. The DVD includes many songs from The Dirty South album, as well as favorites from all of DBT's other records. It also includes backstage footage of interviews with the band. This DVD is a must have for all DBT fans. 

"Like our records, this is an artifact from a moment in time. This DVD represents where the Drive-By Truckers were, in every sense of the word, on August 27th and 28th of 2004. We're somewhere else now. Come see us. Hell will once again be raised." 


  1. Where The Devil Don't Stay
  2. Tornadoes
  3. The Day John Henry Died
  4. Puttin' People On The Moon
  5. Carl Perkins' Cadillac
  6. Sinkhole
  7. Never Gonna Change
  8. Cottonseed
  9. The Buford Stick 
  10. The Southern Thing
  11. Decoration Day
  12. Marry Me
  13. Goddamn Lonely Love
  14. Lookout Mountain
  15. Daddy's Cup
  16. Danko/ Manuel
  17. The Living Bubba 


  1. Outfit
  2. Women Without Whiskey 
  3. Shut Up And Get On The Plane
  4. Careless
  5. People Who Died 

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