Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist [Vinyl]

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  • Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist [Vinyl]
  • Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist [Vinyl]

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  • 180g black vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP
  • Includes digital download code

The Arizona desert has been a predominant theme and source of inspiration for Howe Gelb, indie rock pioneer and founder of the band Giant Sand. Since 1985, Gelb, based in Tucson, AZ has brought the spirit of the southwest and high art to his DIY recordings. 

The Coincidentalist is Gelb's first album with New West Records. Recorded with M. Ward and Steve Shelley (of Sonic Youth), Gelb brings together a set of songs that seem linked, like a novel but effortless stand on their own. The record also features guest contributions from Bonnie Prince Billy and KT Tunstall. 


Side A -

  1. Vortexas
  2. Left Of Center
  3. Running Behind
  4. The 3 Deaths Of Lucky
  5. Unforgivable
  6. Instigated Chimes
Side B -
  1. The Coincidentalist
  2. Triangulate
  3. Picacho Peak
  4. An Extended Plane Of Existence
  5. Looking That Way

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