Old 97's - Live [DVD]


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Shot at the world famous Troubadour nightclub on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, Old 97's Live captures all the excitement and energy of the Old 97's in concert! It includes songs from their album, Drag It Up, as well as fan favorites from the band's long career. Live also has some behind the scene footage as well as interviews with the band. 


  1. Just Like California
  2. King Of All Of The World
  3. Weightless
  4. Rollerskate Skinny
  5. Won't Be Home
  6. Smokers 
  7. Melt Show
  8. Wish The Worst
  9. Lonely Holiday
  10. Up The Devil's Pay
  11. Friends Forever
  12. The New Kid
  13. Jagged
  14. Four Leaf Clover
  15. Question
  16. Valentine
  17. Murder (Or A Heart Attack)
  18. Doreen
  19. Big Brown Eyes
  20. Time Bomb

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