Kalen Nash - Ukred [Vinyl]


  • Kalen Nash - Ukred [Vinyl]
  • Kalen Nash - Ukred [Vinyl]

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  • 150g black vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP

Kalen Nash's Ukred is the first release for Normaltown Records. Kalen, who also fronts the New West Records band Ponderosa, showcases a reflective, more intimate side on his debut solo release. Songs like "White Oak" and "Ramona" conjure ghosts from his family's past. "Don't You Love Me Baby," written nearly 100 years ago by Kalen's great­grandfather, Euquid 'Ukred' Lee Nash, exhibits the songwriting legacy of the Nash family.

"...evokes the same wintery abandon that Justin Vernon so famously channeled on Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. Nash, however, infuses a more driving musical approach into songs on Ukred, focusing on quick percussion and distinctive song structure." - Paste

"All elements considered ­­ vocals, musicianship, song craft, adherence to honesty, fabrication of the entirety, and meticulous engineering/arranging, Ukred is a wonderful thing." - Blurt Magazine


Side A - 

  1. Don’t You Love Me Baby
  2. White Oak
  3. Ramona
  4. Tell Me You Love Me Again
  5. To Be
Side B - 
  1. The Uno
  2. Wake Me Up
  3. When And Where
  4. Not Enough
  5. Where Are You