Patty Griffin - American Kid [CD/DVD]


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 New West Records is proud to present Patty Griffin’s 2013 album, American Kid. The album, co-produced by Griffin and Craig Ross, is her seventh and first for New West. It is her first album of mainly new material since the acclaimed Children Running Through in 2007. In between then and now, she made the Grammy Award-winning Downtown Church in 2010 and became a member of Band of Joy alongside Robert Plant.

Deluxe Edition includes bonus DVD featuring "The Making Of American Kid - An Interview With Patty Griffin," "Ohio" Music Video, & Hi-Res Audio Playback of American Kid.


Disc One (CD) - 

  1. Go Wherever You Wanna Go
  2. Don’t Let Me Die In Florida
  3. Ohio
  4. Wild Old Dog
  5. Mom & Dad’s Waltz
  6. Faithful Son
  7. Highway Song
  8. That Kind Of Lonely
  9. Irish Boy
  10. Get Ready Marie
  11. Not A Bad Man
  12. Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone 

Disc Two (CD/DVD) - 

  1. The Making Of American Kid - An Interview With Patty Griffin
  2. "Ohio" Music Video
  3. Hi-Res Audio Playback of American Kid


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