Giant Sand - Heartbreak Pass [CD]


  • Giant Sand - Heartbreak Pass [CD]
  • Giant Sand - Heartbreak Pass [CD]

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Heartbreak Pass, by the seminal alt-country/rock band Giant Sand marks their 30th anniversary. Individually, each track on the record looms large on its own but, when heard as one complete offering, you know that you are listening to something very, very special. The Arizona desert has been a predominant theme and source of inspiration for Howe Gelb, the indie rock pioneer and frontman for Giant Sand. The group can also be looked at as Howe's one-man-band with many guests and collaborators. The album features Steve Shelly (Sonic Youth), Grant-Lee Phillips and Ilse DeLange (Common Linnets). 


  1. Heaventually
  2. Texting Feist
  3. Hurtin' Habit
  4. Transponder
  5. Song So Wrong
  6. Every Now And Then
  7. Man On A String
  8. Home Sweat Home
  9. Eye Opening
  10. Pen To Paper
  11. Bitter Suite*
  12. House In Order
  13. Gypsy Candle
  14. Done
  15. Forever And Always*
*CD only

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