New West University Class Of 2021


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New West University 2021: Ana Logue Goes To College

Welcome Students to the New West University Class Of 2021! Applications are now open: this year all 2021 students will receive premium vinyl variants and signed editions.

Matriculate now and you'll get the required courseware needed to enjoy all the new releases from New West Records and Normaltown Records in 2021.

Class materials available on vinyl or CD:

  • $389.98 vinyl (an estimated savings of $106-240)
  • $219.98 CD (an estimated savings of $114-196)

Admission at New West University includes:

  • Approximately 18 releases* from New West and Normaltown Records throughout the course of 2021, including these already-announced titles:
    • ​Aaron Lee Tasjan - Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!
    • Steve Earle - J.T.
    • Sara Watkins - Under the Pepper Tree
    • The Pink Stones - Introducing... The Pink Stones
    • Riley Downing - Start It Over
    • John Hiatt with The Jerry Douglas Band - Leftover Feelings
    • T. Hardy Morris- The Digital Age of Rome
    • The Wallflowers - Exit Wounds
    • Los Lobos - Native Sons
    • Drive-By Truckers - Live @ Plan 9
    • James McMurtry - The Horses and the Hounds
    • Pokey LaFarge - In The Blossom of Their Shade
    • The Wild Feathers - Alvarado
    • Susto - Time in the Sun
    • and more!
  • (New this year) Vinyl students will receive New West store premium colored vinyl variants and/or signed variants, whenever possible. Limited to vinyl students only, on titles where exclusive vinyl or signed variants exist, while supplies last.
  • (New this year) CD students will receive signed variants whenever possible. Limited to CD students only, on titles where signed variants exist, while supplies last. 
  • All albums shipped to your door on or before release date (and sometimes even earlier!)
  • (New this year) A practical notebook for all your remote learning classes
  • Student discount: FREE shipping worldwide on everything in the New West store
  • Digital downloads of each release in MP3 and FLAC, 24 hours before release date.
  • Private email list just for New West University students to share class notes and collaborate on problem sets (no cheating)
  • 25% discount on our digital releases at Bandcamp.

- - -

Please allow some time for enrollment. 

*The Fine Print: The total number of releases is not guaranteed, and may be higher or lower than 18. Available on vinyl or CD only. Only New West Records and Normaltown Records new releases are included. Does not include reissues, Live From Austin, TX releases, merchandise, EPs, 7"s, cassettes, singles, or any other items. Whenever possible, NWU students will receive New West premium color variant vinyl, signed editions, or the most premium version of a title available, while supplies last. Titles included are the sole discretion of New West Records. Your tuition does not automatically renew for the next year and will expire 12/31/2021. If you have questions, please feel free to email us.

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