Tift Merritt - Live From Austin, TX [DVD]


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Tift Merritt says "I think music is about the pursuit of joy, even the sad song, and it feels really great to get those feelings out." Born in Texas, bred and still biding her time in North Carolina, Tift's songs can range from quiet and introspective to gritty, sexy and energetic roots rock - with a healthy dose of Muscle Shoals soul and hints of country. Through all her music runs a thread of honesty and intensity that brings her fans the same joy that she herself loves to pursue.

-Terry Lickona (Producer Austin City Limits®)

  • DVD
  • Remastered in 5.1 DTS surround sound and 2.0 stereo
  • NTSC, Region Free
  • 58 mins


  1. Stray Paper
  2. Virginia, No One Can Warn You
  3. Ain't Looking Closely
  4. Still Pretending
  5. Supposed To Make You Happy
  6. Good Hearted Man
  7. Neighborhood
  8. I Am Your Tambourine
  9. Shadow In The Way
  10. When I Cross Over

    Recorded October 20, 2005

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